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   16 - 24 JUNE 2018

Remember to set the time aside to join us for nine days of glorious summer walking next year.

The Mortimer Trail returns to the Walking Festival in three sections over the first weekend, from Kington to Ludlow.  Kington is the starting point for the first two sections and Leominster for the last leg, with transfers included. 

It is certainly a programme with a difference for 2018.  Lots of ‘good walks’ over beautiful countryside interleaved with a cycle ride, the twenty-miler through South Herefordshire which was fully booked last year, the chance to learn & practise your map reading skills in real time with guidance on hand, ‘walking art’ explained by Jess Allen or join poet Jean Atkin from the Ledbury Poetry Festival (29th June to 8th July 2018) walking through ancient woodland.   There’s even an opportunity to follow Phil Rickman, creator of Merrily Watkins, Advisor on the Paranormal, in the Herefordshire borderlands, as he discusses some Hereford locations from the books.

Kentchurch Court has opened its gardens;  ancient & modern cider orchards plus a Cider Museum tour;  walks around Croft Castle with a private tour of the walled garden;  turnpike roads, drovers’ roads, a Roman road.  Storytelling as you walk through old estates; the ancient landscapes explained by a geologist or through an app on smartphone or tablet that helps you to observe the rocks encountered en route; a cider tribute to the Solstice.   You will never fit it all in!
We can't guarantee the weather but look forward to welcoming everyone to discover the lovely countryside, delicious food and the friendly companionship that Herefordshire has to offer.